Since we started cleaning carpet in 2011, Decker’s Carpet Cleaning has been on a quest to simplify the process for our customers and provide the best result possible.  Through study, testing, adjusting, and surveying, we feel we have developed a better way to clean carpet

Our primary goal was to eliminate, or at least reduce the hassle our customer is faced with in a typical appointment – like the door being open and long dry times.

Our secondary goal was to reduce the impact our process has on our environment.  After all, what good is a carpet cleaner if they create one mess by cleaning up another?  Clean doesn’t stop at your door.

Our standard process uses approximately 90% less water than traditional carpet cleaning.  This allows for the carpet to dry 10 times faster.  Carpets are generally dry about an hour after we finish.

Our process keeps your doors closed during cleaning in many cases.  Your home will maintain its temperature and humidity.  Your pets are safer, your home is more secure, and there’s less chance of pests flying in.

Our process reduces noise and air pollution.  By reducing our use of the truckmount, we save 1.5 gallons of gasoline per truck per production hour.  That’s a lot quieter in your driveway, a lot less exhaust odor and fumes in the air around your home.  By reducing our use of gas powered cleaning units, we are able to stop approximately 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering your airspace per year per truck!

Our process nearly eliminates returning spots.  Carpet spots return because of capillary action.  The carpet gets wet down to the backing with traditional cleaning.  Then, the top of the fibers dry first due to air flow and evaporation.  As the tops dry and the bottoms stay damp, soil and moisture are carried up to the driest point, the top.  Our low moisture fast drying system nearly eliminates this issue.  In fact, this is the process used to fix that very issue with traditional steam cleaning.

Our process stays cleaner longer.  By using the most up to date cleaning technology, we are able to remove more dry soil before getting the carpet wet and remove the soil using less water.  This reduces the amount of cleaning agent needed. Traditional cleaning solutions can leave a residue that might be sticky, causing rapid re-soiling.  Our cleaning solution emulsifies and removes this residue, and if left behind, will continue to clean over the next couple of vacuum cycles.

Have we done away with the big truck-mounted units?  No, we haven’t.  We still use them on some jobs.  We can still do traditional Hot Water Extraction (steam) cleaning that was popular in the past.  We just prefer delivering a better clean with less impact on your family or the environment.

We have packages and options to fit every need, from a light maintenance cleaning to full restorative carpet cleaning. 

Call us today and we can discuss what’s best for YOUR carpet.


  • Exact appointment times, not long windows, because we value your time
  • Experienced Crew Leader and experienced assistant provide outstanding service
  • Thorough evaluation and exact quote before starting any work so we all know what to expect
  • Proper worksite preparation including corner guards, drop cloths, and other safety features
  • Proper detailed pre-vacuuming to remove dry soils from your home
  • Re-Application of Carpet Protection to protect your freshly cleaned carpet (Optional)
  • Enrollment in our Stay Beautiful Club providing ONGOING cleaning, care, and support so you never have to worry about your floors again! (Optional)


We utilize all natural odor eliminators that are alcohol and fragrance free, and are made with natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable active ingredients. We feature Fresh Wave Indoor Air Quality odor eliminator. Originally designed “to eliminate odor in asphalt plants, waste transfer stations and other odorous industrial facilities around the world”, you can rest assured that your basic household odors will be removed and not just masked like other deodorizers will do. Fresh Wave IAQ contains no harmful “phosphates, hazardous solvents, or environmentally harmful surfactants”. Fresh Wave IAQ contains only Water, Lime, Pine, Aniseed, Clove, and Cedar wood, so you can be sure that odor elimination is complete without causing harm to your family or pets.


We consider ourselves to be pet stain experts. If you have urine contamination or other issues from your pets (and, yes sometimes people accidents too) our technicians have the experience and knowledge to remove the problem from your carpet safely, discretely, and effectively. We strive to make it look and smell like it never happened!


We have time tested techniques for removing difficult spots in carpets. Advanced spots will require detailed and sometimes sophisticated methods for treatment. We strive to remove every spot we encounter as part of our regular cleaning routing, but sometimes that is not possible.


 Do you have fine area rugs that need to be cleaned? Decker’s Carpet Cleaning can handle your most delicate rugs using the finest solutions and techniques. We offer area rug cleaning and repair services, and area rug pad sales.