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When you search for Stone Floor Cleaning Near Me you will end up with a wide variety of results. It's difficult to tell if the stone cleaner has the experience and knowledge to deliver the optimal cleaning results while not damaging the floor. This is especially important with Stone Floors as natural stone is uniquely susceptible to chemical and physical damage. We have been cleaning stone floors since 2011 in the Kingwood and greater Houston area and have 650 reviews from your neighbors.

Stone floors have been a popular choice for indoor flooring and accents since the Ancient Greeks first used it in their architecture. The use of stone in our homes and shared spaces spans over time and over the globe, and has proven to be a durable choice. Stone has the benefit of being a natural product, has a long expected life span, and has natural beauty and characteristics unique to each piece of stone that evokes a sense of the region where it originated.

Natural stone floors and engineered stone floors can be made of many different materials, including epoxy resins and dyes.. The most common stone floors are Marble, Travertine, Limestone, and Slate, but there are other styles of stone floors as well. There are granite floors, mica floors, flagstone floors, concrete floors, onyx floors, bluestone floors, soapstone floors, quartz and quartzite floors, terrazzo floors, marble conglomerate floors, and there are also clay saltillo tile floors and brick floors. Each of these materials require different treatment methods to bring out the unique qualities of each type of flooring.

Decker's Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning, honing, and polishing stone floors in the Houston area since 2011, and has experience with many different stone floor scenariosYou can trust that the stone specialist technicians at Decker's Carpet Cleaning have the knowledge, skills and tools available to complete any Stone Floor Cleaning with the utmost quality and care. You can get to know our cleaning technicians a little better on our Meet Our Team page. You can read all about our methods here on our site.

We stand behind all of our cleaning with our “We Put Our Name On It" Guarantee.

Clean and Reflective Stone Floor

Benefits of our Stone Floor Cleaning Service:

  • "We Put Our Name On It" Guarantee
  • Prolong the life of your stone
  • Maintain a healthy indoor environment
  • Deep Cleaning your Stone Floor will greatly improve the look, and will feel clean to bare feet
  • Cleans up easirer with regular maintenance
  • Cleaning a stone surface will remove oils and waxes that reflect light and cause a filmy, sticky appearance and feel

Your Home is Protected during your Stone Floor Cleaning Project

Safety is one of our Core Values, and that includes the safety of the job site and protecting your home from damage.

  • Corner Guards to protect your walls from damage.
  • Drop Cloths to protect your floors in areas we are not cleaning.
  • Hose Strap for Stairs to protect railings, walls, and banisters.
  • Yard Spikes to protect your lawn from heat damage from solution hoses.
  • Clean up after ourselves like all good in-home service providers should do.
  • Fully Insured for your peace of mind in case of accidents.
  • Certified Cleaning Experts with experience and training to handle your floor's unique needs.

How Your Stone Floor Will Be Cleaned

When you call Decker's for your Stone Floor Cleaning needs, you can be sure your home is treated with the utmost care

Every Stone Cleaning begins with a thorough evaluation of the floor to be cleaned. First, we determine the type of stone your floor is made of. Whether it be travertine, marble, limestone, slate, terrazo, saltillo, flagstone, or anything else, we can handle it all. Next, we inspect the floor for any installation or wear issues that may prevent us from safely cleaning the floor. We look for loose or hollow tiles, cracks, missing or damgaed grout, pitting, and properly caulked edges. Sometimes the installation will prevent us from safely cleaning the floor, and we would rather you know that up front and save the money and wait for replacement. We also look for any topical sealers that may have been applied to the floor. these can cause issues with cleaning if not caught early and may require stripping the sealer off before we can begin the cleaning process.

After our inspection, the floor will be swept and vacuumed, surrounding areas will be protected with corner guards, drop cloths and plastic sheeting to prevent cleaning solutions from going anywhere but the floor to be cleaned. Once the area has been prepared, we will apply the appropriate cleaning solution for whichever type of stone makes up your floor. We use a neutral or alkaline cleaning solution depending on the situation and our test results. The cleaning solution is carefully mopped on to ensure proper, even application over every inch of your floor without splashing appliances or other flooring. Every detail is accounted for as your floor is gently scrubbed with counter rotating brushes to release soils without damaging the stone surface, and specialty grout brushes for hand detailing the grout lines, edges and corners.

Once the soils are suspended in our cleaning solution, your floor will be rinsed using our truck mounted stone cleaning machine with sufficient vacuum and pressure to blast away soils from the surface and extract soil from deep in the stone. All of the dirty water is carried away to the waste tank in our van - removing soil, bacteria, mold, food particles, dust and allergens, and whatever else lurks on your stone floor. We work in small batch areas to be sure we properly rinse the stone of any soap and soil residue, overlapping multiple times to ensure a consistent and even clean. As we move through the house, we will place industrial air movers on the clean stone to speed up the drying process. Once the floor is dry, we will perform a post cleaning inspection to ensure the results are to our standards.

Techician Cleaning Travertine Floor

Our Stone Cleaning Steps:

  1. Pre-Cleaning Inspection
  2. Dry soil removal
  3. Protect surrounding areas with corner guards, drop cloths, and plastic tarps
  4. Carefully apply Alkaline cleaning solution
  5. Agitate grout lines with grout brushes, and the stone surface using a counter rotating brush machine
  6. Detail hand scrub baseboard edges and corners
  7. Rinse and extract corners and edges using our hand detail tool
  8. Rinse and extract using 600 to 1200 psi, high heat, and vacuum
  9. Speed dry using industrial air movers
  10. Post Cleaning Inspection
  11. Apply the proper Stone Sealer for your floor.

It is important to remember that there are cases when this process does not go far enough to achieve the desired results for your stone. Cleaning will remove soils embedded in the stone and grout lines, but will not return the stone to its' optimal shine in the case of marble, and some travertine floors. For this we recommend Honing and Polishing Services.

Some stone floors, such as slate and limestone, look amazing with a color enhancing seal to bring out the deep colors in the stone. You can read more about that on our Stone Sealers page.

Restorative cleaning is sometimes necessary when a stone has been neglected or improperly treated over time. Restorative cleaning can involve different, more aggressive cleaning styles or solutions or multiple cleaning attempts, use of stripping agents, or mechanical agitation. If your stone floor has a topical coating that is flaking off, efflorescence, or a color seal in the grout that is damaged, it may need more than just a cleaning. Call us today to discuss your stone floor restoration.

Stone Care Services for All Types of Stone

Different types of stone require different types of care to achieve the desired look and bring out the natural properties of the stone. All Stone Care begins with a thorough cleaning, however that is not the final step in achieving the proper look in most cases. We recommend sealer on all types of stone, and you can read more about all the different types of stone sealers, and which one is right for your floor here. For that "shiny" polished look most people go for in marble, and some travertine floors we recommend our Honing and Polishing Services.

Why should I professionally clean my stone floor?

Like with tile floors, the grout lines in your stone floor are porous and hold dirt, grime, oil, soil, bacteria, and all sorts of gross stuff. Unlike with tile, the stone tiles themselves are also porous and will hold on to soils as well. Mopping your floor helps to remove some of the surface soil, but also allows wet soil to soak deeper into the porous stone and grout lines. Any un-rinsed residue can attract soil and quickly cause your floor to appear stained. We are able to use various cleaning solutions and methods including heat, pressure, and vacuum to pull deep soils away and leave you with beautiful floors. Many times we are able to remove years of soil.

How often should I professionally clean my stone floors?

We recommend cleaning and sealing your stone floors every one to three years, with every year being best to maintain the floor long term. Different homes, and different types of stone require different actual levels of professional maintenance. Keeping your stone clean will protect it from deterioration and will keep future maintenance costs lower, as well as improve the beauty of your home.

Should I seal my stone floors?

Yes, proper professional sealing of your stone will prevent slow penetration of oil and water based stains. The sealer will not stop your floor from getting dirty, but it will help to prevent stains and make your mopping and each professional cleaning easier. Most sealers are rated to last a few years, and with a good professional maintenance plan, can keep your floors looking new indefinitely. You can read more about our Stone Sealers here.

What should I use to clean my stone floors myself?

We recommend a neutral pH floor cleaning for your regular maintenance. A neutral pH floor cleaner will be easy to use, requires minimal rinsing, and will decrease the frequency you will need professional cleaning.

What should I NOT use on my tile floors?

Using alkaline soaps, or soaps with oils in them will leave a residue that will at best, attract soil, and at worst can permanently damage your stone through etching. This dirt magnet will soak into your grout lines every time you mop, making future cleaning more difficult and more expensive.
Never use a product with wax, or a product that promises any sort of SHINE. This is a topical coating. Never seal your stone floor with any topical sealer or coating. It will fail and need to be removed with harsh strippers in a tedious and expensive process.

Will Stone Floor Cleaning make my floor Shine?

No, cleaning stone floors will not make the floor shine. This is a separate process known as Honing and Polishing. In short, cleaning will remove dirt and soils, and must be done before honing and polishing can take place. Honing will remove deep scratches and imperfections, preparing the floor for polishing. Polishing gives you that shine that many homeowners look for in a stone floor. You can learn more about our Stone Floor Honing and Polshing Services here.

What should I do once my Stone has been cleaned?

You can check out our blog post here.

Decker's Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning, honing, and polishing stone floors in the Houston area since 2011, and has experience with many different stone floor scenarios. You can trust that the stone specialist technicians at Decker's Carpet Cleaning have the knowledge, skills, and tools available to complete any Stone Floor Cleaning with the utmost quality and care. We clean all types of stone floors including marble, travertine, limestone, granite, brick, concrete, saltillo, and any other type of stone floor you may have. Call us today to start your stone floor project discussion.

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