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Save Time and Money by getting your Damaged Carpet Repaired by the Carpet Repair Experts at Decker's Carpet Clenaing

Damaged carpets that are pulling apart at the seams, have holes, or small areas of disoloration are common occurrences. These are generally the result of pet damage, burns, furniture moving, or bad installation. The good news is that you can repair damaged carpets at a fraction of the cost of new carpet installation.

At Decker's Carpet Cleaning, we offer carpet repair services following the Carpet & Rug Institute's Carpet Installation Standard (CRI 104/105). We will help you extend the life of your carpet, saving you time and money.

Our carpet techicians have the experience, knowledge and tools to repair any dog or cat damage on your carpets. With our resources, experience and education, we are your experts for carpet repair. We can handle seam repair, carpet patches, carpet transition repairs, pad replacement and more.

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Superior Home Carpet Repair Services Delivered

Sometimes it can be challenging to know if you should replace or repair the carpet in your home. Your carpets will often display the following signs that indicate you require specialist carpet repair services.

These include:

  • Wear and Tear
  • Frayed Edges and Seams
  • Carpet Rips
  • Pet Damage
  • Burns
  • Bleach Spots
  • Permanent Stains
  • Discoloration
  • De-lamination

Why Choose Carpet Repair Services?

Do you have carpet tears and shredded carpet? We can install a carpet patch - called a Bonded Insert - to replace a damaged area of carpet. Bonded inserts are called such because the area of carpet is inserted into the existing field of carpeting and bonded into place using heated glue and firm backing materials. They are generally stronger than any other type of patch and can sometimes be stronger than the carpet around the area.

Do you have burns or small spots that wore a hole? We can repair that carpet with a patch - or bonded insert - as well. If you have damage from pets, kids or wear, bleach spots, stains that won't be removed, damage from office chairs, de-lamination or other discoloration, we can replace the stained or torn area.

We can work with tufted carpet, Berber carpet, residential carpet, commercial carpet, apartment carpet, and some specialty carpets too! We have replaced where cash register desks sat in retail environments.

Save Your Carpets with Carpet Repair You Can Rely On

If your carpet is showing unsightly seams or is torn and ripped, you can trust our carpet repair experts to restore your rugs and carpets to like-new conditions regardless of the wear and tear it has suffered. At Deckers Carpet Cleaning, we have decades of experience with carpet and floor restorations and have helped thousands of customers repair their carpets for very reasonable prices.

You don't have to throw your old carpets because of unsightly holes, wear, or stains; you can reach out to us to help save your time and money. Our technicians have the training and experience to handle all types of carpet repair, including restoring dog damage on carpets and repairing burns and holes in carpets.

We can revitalize any carpet, no matter how minor or major the problem, ensuring you don't have to replace it with a new one and can enjoy your carpet for years. Here are some of the carpet repair services you can acquire from us:

  • Burn Holes
  • Pet Stains
  • Dog Damage
  • Cat Damage
  • Loose or Exposed Seams
  • Pet Bites that result in Tears and Holes
  • Claw holes and loose carpet fibers
  • Carpet Threshold additions between rooms
  • Carpet Doorway Repair
  • Carpet Detached from Tack Strips
  • Missing, or Rotted Tack Strips
  • Carpet Snags
  • Flooding and Water Damage
  • Melted or burnt carpet

No matter what kind of damage your carpet has suffered, you may not have to replace it entirely with a new one. You can trust the carpet repair experts at Decker's Carpet Cleaning to restore it!

Affordable Carpet Repair

Capet repairs are an excellent choice, not only if you're a homeowner protecting your flooring investment, but also if you're living in a rental property or you're looking after a friend's house and had an accident causing damage to the carpet. We can arrange to have your carpets looked at and repaired as quickly and affordably as possible. Stained carpets, torn or worn carpets, and split seams into doorways, halls and rooms can also be repaired whether it is right in the middle of a high traffic area or if the carpet meets a hard floor surface.

We are trusted by customers far and wide, and Decker's Carpet Cleaning is a sought-after name that people look to with complete confidence for carpet repairs. Our technicians will arrive at your location to help with everything related to carpet repairs. We have a proven track record for delivering impressive results and a friendly reputation that keeps us busy.

Trust the Best in the Carpet Repair Business

Decker's Carpet Cleaning is easily one of the best in the business for high-grade and affordable cleaning. You can rest easy knowing that we can help with any issues you may have and promise to leave you more than impressed by what can be achieved in carpet repairs. We hold ourselves to high standards and pride ourselves on doing a great job every time while always going the extra mile for our customers.

Look to us for affordable carpet repair services and know that there's no better company to call than us when you want the best results. Get in touch with Decker's Carpet Cleaning to find out more about our carpet repair services today! Many of your neighbors have left us reviews of our services and have referred their friends and family.

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