We have time tested techniques for removing difficult spots in carpets. Advanced spots will require detailed and sometimes sophisticated methods for treatment. We strive to remove every spot we encounter as part of our regular cleaning routing, but sometimes that is not possible.

There are cases, such as wax, red spots, ink, paint, grease, oil or tar, bleach or cleaners, food and wine, pet stains, heavy traffic lanes, filtration lines, and who knows what in the carpet that take extra work to treat. In these circumstances, additional charges will apply. We are treating the spot in these circumstances and can never promise 100% success. We try to remove all spots and soils with a standard cleaning, but let’s be honest… sometimes it takes more than a standard cleaning.Pre-treatment for Advanced Spots is at an additional cost – to be determined by the technician once he assesses the area. These generally include heavy soil (may require Scrub); Filtration Lines; Red or Yellow Dye as from juice and drink; Tannin Stains as from Coffee or Tea; Wine; Wax; Ink; Paint; Gum; and excessive soap residue. When an Advanced Spot turns out to be an Advanced Stain we do offer repair services, where the offending stain is surgically removed and replaced with a bonded insert using a customer’s donor carpet.

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