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When you call Decker's Carpet Cleaning you can expect a carpet cleaner who will go out of their way to deliver amazing results. In fact, we guarantee our work.

  • Our experienced and certified cleaning technicians will be friendly and enthusiastic while taking great care of your home and belongings.
  • Our green carpet cleaning solutions are safe for your carpets and your family and pets
  • Our products and processes deliver a deep, effective and long lasting clean.
  • Our Standard Cleaning - Low Moisture carpet cleaning process leaves your doors shut and carpets dry in 2-3 hours.
  • We offer convenient scheduling and short appointment windows.
  • We are Pet Stain and Odor Specialists experienced in discreet odor elimination.
  • Our family owned and operated business has been serving customers since 2011.
  • As you can tell from our reviews, whether we service your tile and grout, upholstery, carpet, or other areas of your home - When Clean Matters, It Matters Who Cleans!

Decker's Carpet Cleaning Reviews

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Our Values and Ethics

  • Integrity - Integrity is regarded above all else

  • Enthusiasm - We hold enthusiasm for our customers and our trade in high regard

  • Education - We value education as an integral part of the development process

  • Service - We strive to provide our clients with the absolute best service experience we can.

  • Communication - We expect good communication at all levels of our organization

  • Safety - Safety is paramount to a successful job and should never be sacrificed.

Mike Exiting Decker's Carpet Cleaning Van

Decker's Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

We believe in our skills enough to invest our family's time, energy, and money. We believe in the quality of our work enough to put our name on it. And finally, we believe in our abilities enough to offer a guarantee that if we cannot clean your carpet, upholstery, tile, or stone beyond your expectations and deliver on what we promise, we will rush back and re-clean the area in question.

Decker's Carpet Cleaning "Life Happens Warranty"

Your carpet should look, feel, and smell amazing when dry after cleaning. If for any reason this is not the case, let us know.

Hi, I'm Mike Decker. My family and I own and operate Decker's Carpet Cleaning. When we send our crews to your home, rest assured the carpet and upholstery we clean is covered by our Standard 30 Day Warranty.

First, we'll provide you with a complimentary bottle of spotter. If any spot returns within 30 Day months from the date of cleaning, we will return and retreat the area. If you spill or drop something, don't worry, we've got your back. Try the complimentary spotter first, but if it doesn't remove, or if it's a larger spot, call us. “One man gathers what another man spills.”

Protect Your Investment in Clean Carpet

You may also opt for the Upgraded 6 Month Warranty that comes with the application of Green Guard, our carpet protector of choice. When we apply our environmentally safe carpet protector we will also provide you with a complimentary bottle of spot remover. If any spills or footprints should occur, attempt to remove it with the spotter. If the spot is large, or the spotter does not remove the spill, give us a call.

And if you're feeling particularly protective, perhaps our Stay Beautiful Club combined with our Green Guard carpet protection is for you. This covers your from your first clean to your mid year carpet clean, then back around to your 1 year carpet cleaning.

Keep in mind, this isn't for pet urine issues, traffic lanes, worn areas, or generally re-soiled carpets. This is for a spill or spot cleanup. We do reserve the right to determine a spill vs resoiling, and this isn't for whole rooms or traffic lanes.

spaghetti spill on clean carpet

Our Company History

When we first started out in 2011, we followed prevailing wisdom when it came to carpet cleaning technology. We used Hot Water Extraction, otherwise known as Steam Cleaning, to clean every carpet. It didn't take long for us to realize Houston has some specific conditions that do not always cooperate with Hot Water Extraction cleaning. For one, it's HUMID here. Dry times were slow, regardless of the GIANT machines, big wands with massive airflow, and industrial air movers to speed the drying process.
Another issue is the pollen and plant matter in the Livable Forest of Kingwood and other master planned communities like The Woodlands and Atacsocita, or the fine soil and sand in more rural and rustic farm areas in New Caney or Porter, or the clay soil around Lake Houston and Huffman. All these areas respond differently to different treatments and they all deposit fine particles deep in the carpet. Particles that turn to mud when they get wet.
We love our dogs here in Texas, too. But many times those dogs (and cats, ferrets, rabbits, chinchillas, birds, lizards, horses, chickens, and guinea pigs…) come with their own unique set of issues. Combined with the humidity, this can offend the nose and even make us sick. Many cleaners use deodorizers and enzymes to attempt to mask or digest urine issues. Our experience taught us that enzymes have a place, but are not the best way to treat urine issues.
Over time, with research and late night study combined with trial and error we had a realization. Many times we fix the Steam Cleaning problems with Encapsulation Cleaning, so why not use encapsulation as a primary cleaning method? It's generally used in commercial cleaning with high traffic and heavy soils, so what stops us from using it for residential cleaning?
Hi My name is Mike Decker. My family and I started Decker's Carpet Cleaning back in 2011 because our dogs and cats were making a mess. Renting a machine from the grocery or hardware store was affordable, but took all day and left the carpets wet, soapy, and not all that clean. Not to mention who knows what happened to it before you got it!
We tried the chain services. Wait around for half a day... Crew (of one) arrives late, smelly, grumpy and tired... They rush through the full house job in an hour or so… door wide open and machine screaming in the driveway leaking some kind of smelly fluid, and it costs me a few hundred dollars. The carpet dries slowly (duh), and looks … a little… better. It still smells like dog and cat pee, but now it smells musty too.
I cleaned carpets for a guy near Chicago back in the early 1990's, before my retail days. I learned all the ways to soap up a carpet and make it look great, only to rapidly resoil and ensure that 6 month repeat call. I learned that most people don't know cheap cleaning chemicals from quality cleaning solutions and a company can use cheap products that turn the technician's tongue numb and pollute the environment in and around the home, but tell the customer they are using only the best products and that they are safe.
I knew at this point my family and I could do better.
So I left my corporate retail management job, took my 401K, and went to work. Quinn and I put flyers on doors, cold called businesses, and took any crazy job that came our way, while Lissa handled back office tasks and eventually started helping with phones. After school and weekends for Quinn, and during the day was me cleaning alone while taking phone calls. It was long days and hard work, but we quickly grew a following.
Eventually we grew enough to hire some help. Lissa, my wife, left her job and ran the office and phones and we were growing. We've grown a bit since then Lissa now has her own business, but handles some back office and bookkeeping. Quinn handles phones and is working on an expansion plan, while I manage the crews in the field and help with phones (I'm a quality control freak and can't let either go!).
Over the first 7 or 8 years, we've honed our approach to cleaning to put our realizations to practice and we have produced our own Science Based Proprietary Hybrid Cleaning System for residential carpet cleaning. We use a combination of earth friendly and family safe Colloidal Micelle Nanoparticle detergent, sodium carbonate based cleaning solutions, and odor and soil encapsulating polymers. We combine multiple dry soil removal steps, Hot Water Extraction, and Pad-Capping or Cotton Bonnet Extraction using a triple action orbital and Low Moisture Cleaning Technology.