We recommend cleaning and sealing your tile and grout floors every two to five years, with every three years being the standard. Different floors require different actual levels of professional maintenance.

Protect your flooring and beautify your home.

The grout in your tile floor is porous and holds dirt, grime, oil, soil, bacteria, and all sorts of gross stuff. Mopping your floor helps to remove some of the surface soil, but also allows wet soil to soak deeper into the grout. Any un-rinsed residue can attract soil and quickly cause your floor to appear stained.Contaminates penetrate deep down into your grout. We are able to use various cleaning solutions and methods including heat, pressure, and vacuum to pull deep soils away and leave you with beautiful floors. Many times we are able to remove years of soil.

There are situations where a standard cleaning will not remove stains. In these types of circumstances your tile can be cleaned using a more aggressive approach.

We recommend sealing tile floors after cleaning to preserve the grout appearance and extend the life of the grout. This process also helps you to maintain the grout in between professional cleanings by protecting the floor from stains and sealing the pores from liquid and dry soil.

We offer both clear seal and color seal and have nearly 90 colors to choose from. Sealer will last 3-5 years for clear seal and up to 10 years for color seal. Both sealers penetrate into the grout to provide lasting protection, but do need to be renewed after time.

Commercial floors will need a much more frequent maintenance schedule. Call Decker’s Carpet Cleaning for a professional evaluation of your flooring needs.