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Breathe New Life into Your Carpets by Getting Rid of Unsightly Carpet Waves and Wrinkles with Top-Notch Carpet Stretching Services Today

Ask anyone with a carpet in their home, and they will tell you that it is a timeless flooring option that elevates the style of any room it's placed in. Carpets indeed make rooms look comfortable and inviting. However, the biggest problem with carpets is that heavy traffic and furniture moving can cause ghastly ripples and waves in your carpet over time.

Not only do these unsightly waves and wrinkles in your carpet look bad, but they are also a tripping hazard in your home. Your carpet can also get waves and wrinkles due to improper installation or damage. In most cases, the carpet is not stretched properly. Replacing your carpet with a new one in this condition is unnecessary and can be expensive.

The good news is that there is a simple and cost-effective way to restore your carpets to their original condition that doesn't involve replacing or cleaning them. The process is known as carpet stretching, and it helps extend your carpet's life, adding life back to them when they start looking dull.

carpet stretching tools placed on carpet

What Is Carpet Stretching?

carpet with ripples forming around furniture

You may have noticed that your carpet has gotten loose over time, and bubbles and ripples are appearing in different spots. It's something that won't go away, and in most cases, will only get worse, becoming a tripping hazard in your room.

Those who haven't heard the phrase "carpet stretching" should know that it's a simple process in which the repair professionals pull the carpet tighter to the room's edges and re-secure it to the anchor or tack strips. Carpet stretching ensures the wrinkled carpet is smooth. The re-stretching ensures it goes back to its original shape, minimizing safety concerns and adding to your room's overall aesthetic appeal.

Our Carpet Stretching Process:

Our carpet stretch service helps eliminate carpet wrinkles and carpet ripples by getting your carpet flooring to look back to its best again. We have professionally trained technicians with the experience and tools to help prevent further damage and restore your carpeting permanently without needing a carpet reinstall. Here is our carpet stretching process.

  • We properly stretch wall-to-wall installed carpet following the Carpet & Rug Institute's Carpet Installation Standard (CRI 104/105).
  • We use a carpet power stretcher to stretch out the ripples and use a knee kicker to adjust your carpet flooring.
  • We disengage two sides of the room and stretch the wrinkles out. The carpet is then trimmed and reattached. Rooms generally should be cleared of furniture to stretch the whole room.
  • We can move your furniture at an additional cost.
  • We only stretch a portion of the room in some situations, and our repair professionals can do it without moving the furniture around.


carpet ripples


carpet stretcher halfway through stretching process


room of carpet after stretching has been completed

You may not think about carpet stretching services, but it would be best if you look for signs that indicate your carpets need stretching. You gain several benefits from carpet stretching, such as:

  • Increase in your carpet's lifespan
  • Decrease in chances of further damage to carpet structure and padding
  • Removal of wrinkles and waves that create tripping hazards
  • Prevention of extensive damage to your carpet

Contact us for an in-home consultation if you see that your wall-to-wall carpet flooring has loosened and developed bulges, waves, wrinkles, or ripples. Call us today for a free estimate and book our carpet stretching services now!

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