Decker's Carpet Cleaning in Kingwood, TX

At Decker's Carpet Cleaning, we are proud to serve the residents of 77325, 77339, 77345, as well as 77346 and 77365 in Kingwood, Texas. Being a locally owned, family operated business, our family, like many of our customers, was raised in Kingwood. Kingwood is lovably referred to as “The Livable Forest” due to its expansive Greenbelt trails spanning its many villages through lush forests, as well as East End Park in the back of Kingwood.

Kingwood is home to two excellent high schools, including Kingwood High School where Quinn Decker - our Co-Founder - graduated, as well as Kingwood Park High School.

Kingwood is also home to The Clubs of Kingwood, a local Country Club where residents and members can play golf, interact with the community, and attend members only events.

When Do I Contact a Carpet Cleaner in Kingwood?

Do you live in Kingwood and have spots, spills, stains,pet odors, or traffic lanes on your carpet? Call us at Decker's Carpet Cleaning today at 281-973-0281 and our friendly technicians will take care of your carpet issues in no time!

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Kingwood, Texas Carpet Cleaning

Being a small, owner-operated carpet cleaning company living and working in Kingwood, we have gotten to know the unique soil conditions relevant to the area such as the pollen, as well as conditions like humidity that can make carpet cleaning in the area more difficult. We have learned this through not only operating in the area for over a decade, but also through our own experiences living in Kingwood for even longer than that. Through these experiences, we have formulated the most effective carpet cleaning method to deal with these issues that no other local Carpet Cleaner in Kingwood can replicate.

We are the only professional carpet cleaning company in Kingwood that employs a hybrid of two different methods of carpet cleaning. We use a hybrid method of low-moisture encapsulation cleaning and truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning for more heavily soiled areas. We have figured out the strengths and benefits of each method and when to use which method to leave your carpets looking, feeling and smelling amazing.

Low Moisture Cleaning

At Decker's Carpet Cleaning, we employ the most advanced method of low moisture cleaning currently available. For standard cleaning situations we use a Very Low Moisture system that stays cleaner longer, leaves your carpet dry in an hour or two, and your door closed through most of the cleaning process. First, we prepare the carpet using a 2 step dry soil removal process including counter rotating brushes to pull out dry soil and hair prep the carpet for a detailed vacuuming with our HEPA filtered vacuums. Next we apply our biodegradable cleaning solution to dislodge sticky substances and encapsulate remaining soils. We then agitate and extract the moisture and soils using cotton bonnets and the safest and most thorough agitation machine available. We follow the cleaning with by speed drying utilizing high powered air movers, and then groom the carpet for a final set of the fibers and finished look.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

In addition to our Very Low Moisture carpet cleaning system, we also offer a truck mounted Hot Water Extraction cleaning method. In certain situations, this process is more effective for removing large amounts of soil very quickly. This process begins the same way as a low moisture cleaning where we employ our 2 step dry soil removal process using counter rotating brushes and HEPA filtered Vacuums. We then pre treat the carpet with a high powered soapless cleaning solution designed to separate dirt and soils from your carpet and rinse completely free of residue, unlike a carpet shampoo. Once the cleaning solution has been applied to the carpet, we hand agitate the solution for deeper penetration into the carpet, and rinse the cleaning solution out of the carpet using our truck mounted extraction machine.

Hybrid Cleaning - "The Double Decker"

Our Hybrid Carpet Cleaning process (known as the Double Decker) was designed by Mike Decker when he asked himself, "If encapsulation works for spot treatment and is the basis for low moisture cleaning. And hot water extraction works well for carpets that are more heavily soiled. Why not combine the two? Why not use the best and most effective aspects of both methods to complement each other? And then he went to work creating the Hybrid Carpet Cleaning Process. The Double Decker. There are no other carpet cleaners that we're aware of using this method. This is an innovation certain to revolutionize the industry.

The Double Decker starts with a two step dry soil removal process through the use of a counter rotating brush, followed by a HEPA filtered dual motor self adjusting commercial vacuum. This is to ensure as much dry soil removal as possible before applying any solutions, avoiding turning dry dirt, dust and debris into mud locked in the carpet. Next we perform an entire pass of our Hot Water Extraction cleaning, breaking through tough traffic lanes and heavily soiled areas. We then apply a low moisture cleaning solution designed to encapsulate any remaining dirt, soils and spots into a solution that can be removed through the use of a triple action orbital floor scrubber and cotton extraction bonnets.

When we're done with your carpets, they will be clean. Walk on them in your bare feet. Let your kids lie on them. They should be that clean, shouldn't they? That's the level of clean you should expect from carpet cleaning experts. That's the clean that Decker's Carpet Cleaning brings you.

Let's talk about cleaning solutions. Our solutions are all natural and non-toxic. They are entirely safe for kids and pets. They are also the very best carpet cleaning solutions for stains available. Our cleaning technology is state of the art. Our commercial carpet cleaning machine uses less water. We also get rid of as much of the dry soil first. This way we can tackle the toughest stains with far less water used.

Traditional cleaning products leave your carpet sticky, usually due to excess soap being left behind. Sticky means that it's attracting dirt already. Think of it like this, if you have ever been in a hurry in the morning and not been able to rinse out all of the shampoo from your hair, you notice that your hair is sticky and dirty at the end of the day. The same can happen to your carpets with traditional carpet cleaning shampoos. Your carpet has just been cleaned and it's already attracting dirt. Not with our cleaning solution. Ours is designed to dry quickly and residue free leaving your carpets actually clean.

Before you rip out your carpeting or throw out your furniture, reach out to us and let's look into restoring them. We'll perform an in-depth inspection, discuss your needs and provide you with a quote before we start any work.

Do you suffer from pet stains and odors in your home? We are the local Kingwood experts in pet treatment, urine remediation and odor control. We love our pets, and know you do too, but they sure can wreak havoc on your carpets. Whether it be through occasionally having accidents on the carpet, or just their hair or dander causing odors in the carpet, we have the knowledge and tools available to treat and remedy some of the most extreme pet related situations. .

We also offer carpet protector

How Do I Choose a Carpet Cleaner in Kingwood?

There are many options to consider when choosing which carpet cleaner in Kingwood is right for you. At Decker's Carpet Cleaning, our focus is and always will be on quality and honesty. Over the top quality, and dilligent customer service are our main priorities. We have spent many years building trust in our community by following these principles, as you can see in these reviews.

When it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning service in Kingwood, it is important to look for a company that is familiar with the specific needs of the area. Living in the Livable Forest, while it is beautiful, can have some adverse effects on your carpet. The large influx of pollen in the area can lead to more dirt and debris being tracked onto the floor than usual causing traffic lanes, or dark patches of carpet that form in the heaviest trafficked areas of the house. You can read more about traffic lanes here.

Kingwood, while being ideal for raising families, is also an amazing place to raise pets. We are the area's leading experts in carpet cleaning related to pets. Whether it be pet dander and hair, or the occasional pet accident on your carpet, we have you covered. You can read more about our pet care expertise here.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Carpet Cleaner in Kingwood?

Due to the difference in conditions of the carpet on nearly every different job, it can be difficult to give a catch all number to describe the cost of cleaning an average house in Kingwood. Every carpet is unique and every family is unique as well, so almost every house requires different treatment methods suited exactly to each of our customers' needs. Call us today at 281-973-0281 for a free estimate!

Do I Need to Hire a Carpet Cleaner in Kingwood?

You may be asking yourself if hiring a Carpet Cleaner is worth it. Cleaning your carpets yourself can be less beneficial than hiring a professional Carpet Cleaner in Kingwood.

The thing most people think of when they think of cleaning their carpets themselves at home is going to the grocery store and picking up a rental machine to do it themselves. At Decker's Carpet Cleaning, we highly advise the residents of Kingwood against this method. The main reason being that they tend to leave large amounts of soap deposits in the carpet, leaving them very sticky and this allows them to become dirty much faster. The reason for this is that these machines use a shampoo-style cleaning agent. The way a shampoo works is it is very sticky by nature, so dirt and soils and spots and spills in your carpet are attracted to the shampoo and stick to it. The problem is, however, that these machines are not designed in a way where all of the shampoo gets rinsed out of the carpet, leaving a sticky residue on your carpet. Rental machines also leave your carpet wet for long periods of time, leaving your carpet susceptible to returning spots, mold, mildew, and other issues. Our cleaning solutions rinse completely free of any sticky residue.

You can rest easy knowing that our technicians at Decker's Carpet Cleaning are here to help. We have the tools, the technology and the know how to take care of your carpets for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing. So kick back, relax, and let us solve your carpet's problems for you!

About Us

Deckers Carpet Cleaning starts with the people who make up our company. We are family owned and operated. Our staff are honest and friendly. We comprehensively screen all of our employees before hiring. Then they are extensively trained in all of the areas of carpet, tile and upholstery care that we offer. They enter your home as experts in their field.

We know that you need to feel safe and confident in the abilities of the people who you're inviting into the place you live or work. We understand the need for respect and the importance of also instilling respect for us through our conduct and excellent standards of work. The science we use is impressive. Our equipment and processes are impressive. But it all starts with our expert staff. With the people of Decker Carpet Cleaning. You can learn more about our technicians on our Meet Our Team Page.

Mike Decker opened Decker Carpet Cleaning in 2011. He is also the operations manager. He is obsessed with staying up to date with all of the current technology and practices of carpet cleaning and restoration. He invented Decker's Hybrid Carpet Cleaning System. He has IICRC certification (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Mike personally trains every technician.

Decker's Carpet Cleaning is located at 1701 Northpark Dr Ste 14 Kingwood, TX 77339 and has been cleaning floors and furniture in the Houston area since 2011 and has served thousands of your neighbors over the years. Many of them have left us reviews of our services and have referred their friends and family.