Grout Recoloring and Color Sealing Services

Whether you are looking to revitalize old, stained grout lines or change the color of your grout lines, Grout Recoloring and Color Sealing services from Decker's Carpet Cleaning is a great choice! Sometimes, due to the fact that grout is a porous substance, stains and soils can penetrate enough to the point where no amount of cleaning can resolve the issue. In these scenarios, we recommend a Color Seal, otherwise known as Grout Recoloring.

How it Works:

Grout recoloring works by carefully applying a topical sealer over just the grout lines in your tile or stone floor. This sealer will not only change the color of the grout lines to the desired color, but also work as a standard grout sealer, protecting your grout lines from permanent staining and soils. You can match the original color of the grout, or choose an entirely different color from standard whites, greys, and tans, or even pink or purple grout!

It is important to keep in mind that your tile floors must be freshly cleaned, or newly installed to apply Grout Recoloring Sealer. This is to ensure proper application of the sealer, and to make sure no soils are sealed in to the grout lines. If you are looking for a Tile Cleaning and sealing, you can read more about that on our Tile And Grout Cleaning page.

We have been cleaning and sealing tile and grout since 2011 in the Kingwood and greater Houston area and have over 650 reviews from your neighbors. You can trust the skilled technicians at Decker's Carpet Cleaning to properly address any color seal or grout recoloring situation with the correct products and proven application methods. Call us today for a Free Consultation!

Discolored Grout Before Grout Recoloring
Clean Grout after grout recoloring

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