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Commercial Tile Cleaning Services by Decker's Carpet Cleaning

Tile floors are a popular choice for businesses and office buildings as it is sleek, professional and easy to maintain relative to carpet. However, over time tile floors will begin to build up dirt, grime, bacteria, and other contaminants that not only cause the floor to look dirty, but also can cause an unsanitary or even unsafe work environment. Keeping clean and well maintained tile floors is important for promoting a safe, healthy and productive work environment.

You can trust the Tile Cleaning Experts at Decker's Carpet Cleaning to handle all of your business's or office buildings tile and grout floor cleaning with care, attention to detail and professionalism. We have been cleaning tile & grout since 2011 in the Kingwood and greater Houston area and have 650 reviews from your neighbors. You can also get to know our cleaning technicians a little better on our Meet Our Team page. And you can read all about our methods here on our site.

We stand behind all of our cleaning with our “We Put Our Name On It" Guarantee.

Benefits of our Tile Cleaning Service:

  • "We Put Our Name On It" Guarantee
  • Promote a clean and healthy work space
  • Provide a more welcoming environment for employees and customers
  • Prolong the life of your tile
  • Maintain a healthy indoor environment

How Your Tile Will Be Cleaned

When you call on Decker's to clean your tile, you can be sure your business is treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

All of our tile cleaning packages begin with a thorough evaluation of the tile to be cleaned. Your floor will be evaluated for installation and wear issues that may prevent us from safely cleaning the tile. We will look for loose or hollow tiles, cracks, missing or damaged grout, and properly caulked edges. Sometimes, it just isn't safe to clean a floor, and we've told more than one customer to just hold off until it can be replaced.
After our inspection your floor will be swept of the dry soil with a broom or vacuum. Surrounding areas will be protected with corner guards, drop cloths, painters tape, and /or plastic sheeting.
Once the area is prepared and the floor cleaning machines set up and ready, your floor will receive an alkaline cleaning solution, carefully mopped on to properly cover every inch of tile and grout without splashing appliances and wood floors. Every detail is attended to as your floor is detail scrubbed using hand tools along the edges and corners. The tile surface and grout lines will be scrubbed using special grout cleaning hand brushes and counter rotating brushes to ensure all areas are thoroughly and evenly cleaned.
Once the soil has been released and suspended, your floor will be rinsed using our high powered truck mounted tile cleaning machine, utilizing up to 1200 psi of water pressure and water temperatures above 212 degrees. We work in small batch areas to be sure we properly rinse the tile of soap and soil residue, often overlapping multiple times to be sure nothing is missed.
As we move through the space cleaning the tile and grout, we will place industrial air movers on the clean tile to speed the drying process. Once the floor is dry, it will be inspected once again to make sure the results we hoped for were achieved.

Before Cleaning Test Area:

dirty commercial kitchen tile before cleaning

After Cleaning Test Area:

clean grout lines surrounded by dirty grout lines

Our Standard Tile Cleaning Steps:

  1. Pre-Cleaning Inspection
  2. Dry soil removal
  3. Protect surrounding areas
  4. Apply Alkaline cleaning solution
  5. Agitate grout lines and tile surface
  6. Detail hand scrub baseboard edges and corners
  7. Rinse and extract corners and edges using our hand detail tool
  8. Rinse and extract using 600 to 1200 psi, high heat, and vacuum
  9. Speed dry using industrial air movers
  10. Post Cleaning Inspection
  11. Apply optional grout clear seal

There are times when a floor cannot be fully cleaned using only this one step process. Has it been more than a few years since your last professional cleaning? Does your floor have heavy soap residue or other deep penetrating soils? Is there a topical sealer or wax on your floor that needs to be removed? In those cases we offer a two step, or sometimes (rarely) a 3 step or more cleaning process.

Our Two Step Tile Cleaning Process for Heavy Soil:

  1. Pre-Cleaning Inspection
  2. Dry soil removal
  3. Protect surrounding areas
  4. Apply alkaline cleaning solution
  5. Agitate grout lines and tile surface
  6. Detail hand scrub baseboard edges and corners
  7. Rinse and extract corners and edges using our hand detail tool
  8. Rinse and extract using 600 to 1200 psi, high heat, and vacuum
  9. Apply Restorative Cleaning solution
  10. Agitate grout lines and tile surface
  11. Detail hand scrub baseboard edges and corners
  12. Rinse and extract corners and edges using our hand detail tool
  13. Rinse and extract using 600 to 1200 psi, high heat, and vacuum
  14. Speed dry using industrial air movers
  15. Post Cleaning Inspection
  16. Apply optional grout clear seal

Why should I professionally clean my businesses tile floor?

The grout in your tile floor is porous and holds dirt, grime, oil, soil, bacteria, and all sorts of gross stuff. Mopping your floor helps to remove some of the surface soil, but also allows wet soil to soak deeper into the grout. Any un-rinsed residue can attract soil and quickly cause your floor to appear stained. Contaminants penetrate deep down into your grout. We are able to use various cleaning solutions and methods including heat, pressure, and vacuum to pull deep soils away and leave you with beautiful floors. Many times we are able to remove years of soil. In some situations, such as kitchens, it is important to have a regularly professionally cleaned tile floor as the buildup of grease and other residues can cause an unsafe environment and slip hazard.

How often should I professionally clean my tile floors?

We recommend cleaning and sealing your tile and grout floors every one to three years, with every year being best to maintain the floor long term. Different floors require different actual levels of professional maintenance.

Should I seal my tile floors?

Yes, proper professional sealing of your grout will prevent slow penetration of oil and water based stains. The sealer will not stop your floor from getting dirty, but it will help to prevent stains and make your mopping and each professional cleaning easier. Most sealers are rated to last a few years, and with a good professional maintenance plan, can keep your floors looking new indefinitely. You can read more about our Grout Sealing Services here.

What should I use to clean my tile floors myself?

We recommend a neutral pH floor cleaning for your regular maintenance. A neutral pH floor cleaner will be easy to use, requires minimal rinsing, and will decrease the frequency you will need professional cleaning.

What should I NOT use on my tile floors?

Using alkaline soaps, or soaps with oils in them will leave a residue that will attract soil. This dirt magnet will soak into your grout lines every time you mop, making future cleaning more difficult and more expensive. Alkaline soaps can be used, on occasion, with LOTS of rinsing, if the floor REALLY needs it.
Never use a product with wax, or a product that promises any sort of SHINE. This is a topical coating. Never seal your floor with any topical sealer or coating. It will fail and need to be removed with harsh strippers in a tedious and expensive process.

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