The Stay Beautiful Club

Never Worry about Dirty Carpet Again!

Don’t you wish your carpet could last longer, smell better, and always look clean? Our Stay Beautiful Club offers year round protection so that you never have to worry about your carpet looking bad, smelling bad, or wearing prematurely. Our Stay Beautiful Club also offers discounted cleaning, pre-arranged appointments, easy terms, and delivers incredibly beautiful carpets.

How It Works

You have your carpets cleaned by us at your initial cleaning. Then, in 6 months we will come back and touch up your traffic lanes and open areas. Then, in another 6 months (at the One Year mark) we come back and, moving your light to medium furniture, provide a full regular cleaning just like we do at your initial cleaning. We also include one Emergency Spot Cleaning per year to use as needed.

You pay for your initial cleaning at the time of service. Then, you invest 10% of the cleaning price each month as your monthly Stay Beautiful Club payment. As you can see, your 6 month Touch Up cleaning and Emergency Spot Cleaning are nearly free! We charge your credit card the low monthly fee and you get the peace of mind of knowing your carpet is being carefully and perpetually maintained.

Member Benefits