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Not All Cleaners Are The Same

By July 13, 2016It Matters Who Cleans
It’s sad, but true! When Clean Matters, It Matters Who Cleans.

We’ve all seen the signs on the side of the road around Houston, Humble, Kingwood, and surrounding areas claiming something along the lines of “Carpet Cleaning, 3 rooms for $”. These offers seem enticing because of the low price, but how can they afford to clean at that almost ridiculously low price? Because they skip steps! The typical cleaning experience with companies like that is that they are cheap, fast, and leave the carpet looking clean… for about an hour. They sacrifice steps like proper pre-conditioning, extraction, and drying techniques so that they can get in and out of the house quickly so that they can afford to charge so little.

The toll that the customer pays for this is that their carpet re-soils very quickly. This re-soiling occurs because the soap in the carpet never got rinsed all the way out and the carpet is still wet, so any dirt will easily stick to the wet soapy carpet.

There have been occasions where we have cleaned up after these companies, one customer even said in a review on our Google that “This Company actually cleaned my carpet after another company failed to do it properly”.

You might be thinking “Why would you care if other carpet cleaners in Houston do poor jobs, that just makes you look better and it gives you more business cleaning up their messes?” The reason we care is because companies like that make the entire industry look bad. If someone gets their carpet “cleaned” by one of these companies, and they leave behind a negative experience for the customer, then the customer will associate getting their carpets cleaned with that negative experience and be apprehensive towards hiring another cleaner.

At Decker’s Carpet Cleaning, we strive to be the company in Houston you call When Clean Matters.

Speaking of quality and trust and low price budget carpet cleaners in Houston, some cleaners will leave a lasting impression after they are gone. Is that impression going to be of a quality carpet cleaner, or a low price carpet cleaner who cuts corners to ensure they can make money on their low price carpet cleaning?
Cheap Carpet Cleaners don’t always care about quality and often have to take short cuts to make any money.


In this picture you can see the nasty carpet fuzz and hair and debris left on the homeowners’ lawn. It should have been dumped down the main line clean out located only three feet to the left of where they drained. This is what happens with low budget carpet cleaners in Houston.

Now, to be honest, there are times when we can’t find the main line clean out when cleaning carpets around the Houston area. These times, if we need to drain our waste tank, we filter the debris and then we clean up what is left over. That’s what a quality carpet cleaning company should do.

You should ask yourself this question… If a cheap carpet cleaner in Humble will leave this unsightly funk on your lawn for you to clean up and for the entire world to see, what did they leave in your carpet?

As Ben Franklin is reported to have said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

The same standards apply to carpet repair. We don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of getting the job done quickly and cheaply.

Here’s an example we came across of a carpet repair in Humble.
Our competition’s attempt to DUCT TAPE a bonded insert!We discovered this carpet repair in Humble while cleaning a home for new owners. The carpet patch seemed loose and was raised and starting to curl and shed fibers. We took a look at the carpet patch and found the previous carpet repair person used duct tape to hold it in place. The proper method (that we have been trained to use) would have been to seam seal the edges to prevent shedding and maintain the integrity of the carpet, and to use heat set seam tape to permanently bond the seams on all 4 sides.

We strive to make sure every step of our process is high in quality and in value. Sure we make mistakes, everyone does at some point. But the difference between quality and value, and a low price budget outfit is the lasting effect of the service.