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Are you looking for an area rug cleaner in Houston? Are your Persian rugs no longer pretty? Are your Oriental Rugs overdue for cleaning? Are your silks sorry and your nylon neglected?

Whether your area rug is a natural fiber such as wool or silk, or a synthetic fiber like nylon or polyester, we have the experience, knowledge, and methods to properly remove the most soil and contamination while protecting the color and construction of the rug.

We offer pickup and delivery, as well as drop off services during business hours at our office in Kingwood.

While it’s true that SOME rugs can be cleaned at your home, the best, most careful area rug cleaners like us have cleaning plants with special systems we use in order to protect the rug and provide the highest quality cleaning. On site cleaning, especially by inexperienced cleaners, can leave much of the soil behind and contribute to wear and damage by using the wrong solutions and methods.