Stone Repair

While stone is a great, sturdy choice for in home flooring, it is uniquely susceptible to physical damage. For scuffs and scratches, we can provide Stone Honing and Polishing Services. When the damage goes beyond that and starts getting into pitting, cracks, samll holes in the stone, grout damage, and breakage you can trust the experts at Decker's Carpet Cleaning's professional stone repair services. We have been repairing stone floors adn countertops since 2011 in the Kingwood and greater Houston area and have 650 reviews from your neighbors.

How does Stone Repair work?

Stone Repair is a very precise and delicate process handled by the stone repair service experts at Decker's Carpet Cleaning. We start by cleaning the area with expert, proven Stone Cleaning methods. Next, before applying the Stone Sealer that is correct for your floor, we apply a compound called Traverfill. This compound binds to the stone to fill any holes or cracks in the stone.

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