A lot can happen to your carpet over the years. Kids, pets and everyday wear can sometimes cause ripples, tears, spots and other damages that require sepecial attention. Our trained technicians have repaired all sorts of damage and saved our customers hundreds of dollars in replacements costs.

Sometimes carpet develops ripples, wrinkles, waves, or creases. This can be caused by improper installation, environmental issues, traffic patterns, moving heavy items and many other reasons. Decker’s Carpet Cleaning’s technicians are able to stretch your carpet back into place and remove the ripples and extend the life of your carpet by years.

Do you have carpet tears and shredded carpet? We can install a carpet patch – called a Bonded Insert – to replace a damaged area of carpet. Bonded inserts are called such because the area of carpet is inserted into the existing field of carpeting and bonded into place using heated glue and firm backing materials. They are generally stronger than any other type of patch and can sometimes be stronger than the carpet around the area.

Do you have burns or small spots that wore a hole? We can repair that carpet with a patch –or bonded insert – as well. If you have damage from pets, kids or wear, bleach spots, stains that won’t remove, damage from office chairs, de-lamination or other discolorization, we can replace the stained or torn area.

We have installed AV tracks in commercial carpet. We have moved carpet along with a closet that was moved for a master bath expansion. We have repaired dog damage to carpet, cat damage to carpet, and even rabbit damage. We have replaced where cash register desks sat in retail environments. We can work with tufted carpet, Berber carpet, residential carpet, commercial carpet, apartment carpet, and some specialty carpets too!