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Why Does My Carpet Have Dark Pathways?

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Traffic Lanes- What are they? Have you ever noticed how in the areas you walk most in your house, it seems like there are large dark pathways on the carpet? The most common spots for this are the main entrance to your home, the path from the living room to the master bedroom, going into the master bathroom and where your feet sit when you sit on your favorite couch or chair. Basically they are the areas of the house that have the highest concentration of soil and traffic. We call these areas traffic lanes. What happens is through everyday use of the carpet, concentrations of dirt and soil pile up inside the carpet and this alone causes the areas to begin to look dark. Over time, however, these areas can begin to wear down because of the excessive foot traffic in these areas. These two factors combined begin to actually cause abrasion of the fibers over a relatively short period of time, causing the area to begin to look even darker and cause irreparable damage to your carpet. This can cause the carpet to appear matted in areas. You may also notice a bit of a shadowing effect because…

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